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We are a family-owned company called CyberShop24x7 LLC supplying products under Amazing 4U2TM our brand name. Currently we are only selling dietary supplements based on a personal need. We are a family who believes in a happy and healthy life. The foods we eat make us who we are. Our food choices can affect our health positively or negatively and consequently the life we live. My wife (who was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease) has always influenced us to pursue natural healing.

Even with her diagnosis, she continues to seek alternative healing methods, including supplements and herbs, rather than conventional medicine to heal rheumatoid arthritis. After months of research and many agonizing days of incredible pain, we discovered a sequence of healing techniques that have helped her. With great joy, we have adopted and adapted to a different way of life. A life where “we do not live to eat; we eat to live.”

To help detoxification, we started by looking into a healthy probiotic. This sounds simple but we searched far and wide for a high quality probiotic that is 100% natural and GMO free, SOY free, CORN free, DAIRY free, GLUTEN free, WHEAT free, EGG free, NUT free, FISH and SHELLFISH free that is also Vegan/Vegetarian friendly and does not contain artificial ingredients, sweeteners or preservatives. Most of the probiotics on the market, even well-known brands, do not meet all of these requirements. We were disappointed with what we found in the marketplace. We have tried dozens of different brands and none seemed to work.

So one day out of frustration, I decided to seek out our own Probiotic. Once we found the right formulation and saw the wonderful results with my wife, we decided to market it.

This Amazing 4U2TM Probiotic is a labor of love for us since we use it daily and is helping her heal. Amazing 4U2 Probiotics has 13 Unique Strains consisting of 50 Billion Live CFU (Colony Forming Units). It supports a healthy digestive tract, the immune system, post-antibiotic friendly bacteria recovery, and sensitive stomachs. 

We have tried really hard to make this the best probiotic on the market. We hope the high quality (and results you will receive) will definitely surprise you and you find this is “Amazing 4U2”!!

Warning: Results will vary from person to person, and nothing we write here is a replacement for medical advice. Although probiotics are mostly benign for most people, we advise that you always consult with your healthcare team before changing your diet or taking probiotics with other medicines or dietary supplements, especially if you develop an allergic reaction to the product.

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