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  • WHY SHOULD YOU TAKE PROBIOTICS? - Probiotics balance the levels of microorganisms in the intestines and lower the number of harmful bacteria. They also boost the body's immune system. Probiotics may be helpful in treating irritable bowels, bloating, colitis, candida, yeast, leaky gut and infections.


  • WHO SHOULD TAKE PROBIOTICS? - Both women and men can benefit from taking probiotics. The human gut needs about 80% of good healthy bacteria. Those prone to intestinal pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Traveler's Diarrhea, diarrhea caused by antibiotics or when treating Lyme, sensitive stomachs or want to eliminate Yeast, Vaginal or Urinary Tract Infections, or help boost Inmune System when fighting flu and colds can benefit the most.

  • WHY OUR PROBIOTICS? - Amazing 4U2® Probiotics provides a unique blend of 13 live strains with a potent punch containing 50 Billion CFU that supports healthy gut and is GLUTEN, WHEAT, DAIRY, SOY, CORN, EGGs, TREE NUTS, and SHELLFISH FREE and has NO GMOs - No added Salt - No starch - No preservatives - No chemicals. It is 100% Natural, Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly. Manufactured under strict GMP and in a FDA Certified LAB - MADE IN THE USA.


  • ARE ALL PROBIOTICS THE SAME? No. There are many types of probiotics. Different probiotics have different effects. So while one may help treat diarrhea, or the immune system, or a vaginal infection, another may have no effect. It depends on the strain and potency. Our Amazing 4U2® Probiotics, with 50 Billion CFU provide a unique blend of the 10 most beneficial strains.


  • OUR GUARANTEE: To have 50 Billion CFU Live microorganisms GUARANTEED to EXPIRATION DATE with proper refrigeration. Most all other brands only guarantee quantity at date of manufacture. By the time the user gets it, there may not be any microorganisms alive. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Get yours now! They go fast! Buy two and give a loved one the same peace of mind!

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